Of A Healer- The End

Good bye,” I whisper as the glass doors shut behind me. A vacuum slowly envelopes all my insides as my feet mechanically walk to the car. I can feel the tears forming in their ducts. Sense the flood of emotion brimming just beneath the surface. Walls subconsciously constructed began to crack with the weight of … More Of A Healer- The End

Of A Healer- Stay

I stepped quickly back towards the door, just noticing the room’s single occupant. He stared back with red rimmed eyes. A tissue clutched in one hand. I shouldn’t be here, in this place of mourning. He shouldn’t have to be disturbed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“ “It’s okay he says, voice gruff with emotion, … More Of A Healer- Stay

End of a Chapter

I write to all of you from one of the many computers I’ve used over the past two and a half years that fueled The Ink Owl. As many of you know I work in healthcare on night shift. Much of my stories, musings, poetry and the like have all shared one vital component: they … More End of a Chapter

Christmas Sight

Today I beheld love. It wasn’t on a garden rooftop overlooking a Roman city, or in cosy coffee shop sheltered from a winter storm. It was in a sterile hospital room, with a too large hospital bed. “You heard the news, right?  He was an open close, nothing the docs could do for him.” The … More Christmas Sight