Sinister Countdown- Tortorem

I’ll never forget the rain that day, It fell upon my crown and wound down between footprints trodden through grass. My head spun, heady with thoughts of you, Traces of that kiss laid upon my lips. Holding hands to the sky I wound my soul to the sky. All life had meaning as I walked … More Sinister Countdown- Tortorem

Sinister Countdown- Midnight Walking

Footsteps wander a lonely hall, Shuffling beneath a moon quite full. Curtains rustle as cold breeze ripples, Shifting gentle upon dusted ground. Shadows rise up between closed doors, And shriek in silence as the flash down. All the while footsteps wander, Passing onward in a forgotten round. Now you hear voices whispered, Murmur beyond locked … More Sinister Countdown- Midnight Walking