Just Be

Close wandering eyes, And hush your mind, Let this moment drink you in. Wings beat beneath a widening sky, Scattering chaos through the air, Let them slow to a low thrumming. Feel your heart beneath your breast, Beating out a thundering cascade of life, Slow mortality’s conviction and simply be. For as this moment stretches … More Just Be

An Offering

Between bright rays of light and cool shadows, We ran amidst growing green. Too warm for gloves, hats, and winter coats, Yet too cold to relinquish our woolen sleeves. We found an offering beside an ancient soul tree, Who’s branches lay naked beneath azure sky. It was an offering placed with care, Between two rolling … More An Offering

What A Beginning

Bask in this new light, On a planet swiftly tilting. Beauty awakens beneath the frost, As best burns away the sleep of winter. Let a world of green rise up, From the frozen ashes of a colder age. Take to wing insect and bird, Let fly unending songs of life again. For we are the … More What A Beginning

Upon Familiar Ground

Upon a gate of infinity I stand, Unsure of these infinite paths. Spiraling away past my watering eyes, A twisting labyrinth of possibilities was within my grasp. Places unknown open beneath my feet, As strangers merge with the familiar. All of it cascades into white as I shake with knowledge, Energy pulses within my palms … More Upon Familiar Ground

A Thought So Stirred

Do you feel a little tickle, Right beneath your winter worn feet? Something stores with living memory, Resting long beneath the winter’s gray. Like the fall of a hammer on metal, Ringing in the depths of mountains deep. Does your mind quest to find answers, For something familiar that is now awake. Let the tickle … More A Thought So Stirred

Colors of Winter

The air seems so much warmer as I awake, Feeling soft moss and earth beneath my form. How long has it been now, wrapped up in these secret places? I’m starting to forget what brought me here. In this natural cleft between rock and bare branches, I remember long rested ailments and fading woe. Has … More Colors of Winter

Light a Frozen Fire

I wandered through this sleeping world, Hearing life beneath the howling wind. My refinement of flora bade me sleep and I slept, Only to be awoken by strange calls at dawn. Lifting a moss studded head I beheld, Something out of my childish daydreams. A long form covered in ice ranged before me, With snout … More Light a Frozen Fire

Upon a Walking Shore

I ventured upon a diverse shore, And touched leaves along the way. Where I went only three could see, As they disappeared round a bend. I though I was alone while walking, But soon found a rabble of traveling forms. No bigger than mice were these boisterous lot, As I stop short of their chattering … More Upon a Walking Shore