Summer Heat

Taciturn beneath a burning sun, While roots seek for nursing. Now the world turns to a dry wash, Fading within rippling currents. Do sun-scorched faces turn toward or away, But now does it truly matter. Until that is a coolness spreads, Creeping from beneath each flower. It spreads and yawns with a deeper silhouette, Shielding … More Summer Heat

A Summer’s Eve Romp

Dance with me, Upon this stage of green. Let fabric fly in the evening light, As we dance about our warming hearts. Oh how our feet glide, As our moves blend to one form. Let’s get lost in this summer’s eve, And delight in the rhythm that is ours. -M.E. InkOwl

Amethyst Remembered

Build me a requiem, Thrumming with energy. Where shades of amaranthine, Blink with jewels of dew. Dive from delicate cadences, To where inspiration draws. Unfurling roots that tap memories deep, And flourish within moments captured. -M.E. InkOwl

Summer Spells

Spice upon a breeze, Calling back to familiar scenes. Hidden within green depths, Where a mind can turn inward. Unseen life watching, As a spell of thought unfolds. Between a hummingbird’s beat, Let these moments expand. -M.E. InkOwl

An Ode to Summer

Bespeak a life of cool reverie, As minds wander between green. Jewels pressed upon layers as gentle as a kiss, Eyes now caught glow with unguarded passion. Oh to smell heaven’s gate, Betwixt such living, growing things. Come, drink in this effervescence, And enfold worried minds in the calm of summer. -M.E. InkOwl

Summer On The InkOwl

Welcome back to the InkOwl! Forgive the extended hiatus, I was on a needed creative break. I am hoping to get more simple content ready and published for the remainder of the year, we’ll keep our fingers crossed. For you all you wonderful followers new and old to the InkOwl, I welcome you to this … More Summer On The InkOwl