Light a Frozen Fire

I wandered through this sleeping world, Hearing life beneath the howling wind. My refinement of flora bade me sleep and I slept, Only to be awoken by strange calls at dawn. Lifting a moss studded head I beheld, Something out of my childish daydreams. A long form covered in ice ranged before me, With snout … More Light a Frozen Fire

Upon a Walking Shore

I ventured upon a diverse shore, And touched leaves along the way. Where I went only three could see, As they disappeared round a bend. I though I was alone while walking, But soon found a rabble of traveling forms. No bigger than mice were these boisterous lot, As I stop short of their chattering … More Upon a Walking Shore

Upon an Alien Shore

Wonder has melted this limping heart, Whether have I crossed into? What has happened to the world from which I come from, For no sooner had I passed through did blinding rainbows of light dance before me. I felt instantly liquified while my conscious maintained its solid grasp upon reality. Now I face an alternate … More Upon an Alien Shore

You Must See to Open

While amongst dark thoughts I walk, The path before me wound to places unseen. I cared not which course this vessel had taken, Having just burned my last bridge with what was. No I search for peace and tranquility, If only but to pause a moment and be. In this hesitation and cessation, I beheld … More You Must See to Open

Down a Snowy Lane

You’ve been dropping hints for me to come back, Flakes of ice pepper my world with infinite memories. So much has happened since we said good bye, My throat still tightens when I think of you and our journey. But that all changed when we sealed pathways through a mirror darkly. Now all I have … More Down a Snowy Lane

Winter Deepens

Let this earth vibrate with a deepening power, Shaking the very foundation holding slothful powers on high. Let this Spring of ignorance never reach the fruition of Summer, Minds bent on selfish reasoning degrade in the harsh reality of Winter. Let ice and cold howl in from the North, Covering all these decedent places in … More Winter Deepens