Just Be

Close wandering eyes, And hush your mind, Let this moment drink you in. Wings beat beneath a widening sky, Scattering chaos through the air, Let them slow to a low thrumming. Feel your heart beneath your breast, Beating out a thundering cascade of life, Slow mortality’s conviction and simply be. For as this moment stretches … More Just Be

An Offering

Between bright rays of light and cool shadows, We ran amidst growing green. Too warm for gloves, hats, and winter coats, Yet too cold to relinquish our woolen sleeves. We found an offering beside an ancient soul tree, Who’s branches lay naked beneath azure sky. It was an offering placed with care, Between two rolling … More An Offering

Upon Familiar Ground

Upon a gate of infinity I stand, Unsure of these infinite paths. Spiraling away past my watering eyes, A twisting labyrinth of possibilities was within my grasp. Places unknown open beneath my feet, As strangers merge with the familiar. All of it cascades into white as I shake with knowledge, Energy pulses within my palms … More Upon Familiar Ground

A Thought So Stirred

Do you feel a little tickle, Right beneath your winter worn feet? Something stores with living memory, Resting long beneath the winter’s gray. Like the fall of a hammer on metal, Ringing in the depths of mountains deep. Does your mind quest to find answers, For something familiar that is now awake. Let the tickle … More A Thought So Stirred

Upon an Alien Shore

Wonder has melted this limping heart, Whether have I crossed into? What has happened to the world from which I come from, For no sooner had I passed through did blinding rainbows of light dance before me. I felt instantly liquified while my conscious maintained its solid grasp upon reality. Now I face an alternate … More Upon an Alien Shore

You Must See to Open

While amongst dark thoughts I walk, The path before me wound to places unseen. I cared not which course this vessel had taken, Having just burned my last bridge with what was. No I search for peace and tranquility, If only but to pause a moment and be. In this hesitation and cessation, I beheld … More You Must See to Open