Hush, Listen, Know

You are not alone.
All around you others are just as terrified.
They walk upon the earth with the weight of their fear pressing them down.
There is no shame in feeling this.
Be emotional.
Be honest with yourself.

-M. E. InkOwl

By My Side


Love me sweet beneath this falling snow,

As we sit upon this stone.

Lean in close and twine our fingers,

Whisper close so our touch does linger.

Reach my heart with your eyes so deep,

As your heart beats to love’s knowing leap.

-M.E. InkOwl

Parenthood- Growth

Once I held you in the crook of my arm.

You would coo at me with eyes bright and full of wonder.

I remember holding you in the night wondering if you were even real.

Now I find your head reaches the crook of my arm as you stand beside me.

You laugh at me as your eyes dance with mischief.

I sneak in at night to whisper in your sleeping ear how much I love you.

All the while wondering if you are even real.

-M. E. InkOwl

To An Inner Child

Kiss my forehead, gentle like
Wipe those tears off cheeks red.
Whisper soft within my ear,
Tuck me tight in bed.
Listen close, hear my fears,
Smile and understand.
Turn back time, reflect inside,
See the hurt contain.
Gently pull that inner child,
Close against your chest.
Hug them tight and let them know
Their worth that is always left unsaid.

-M.E. InkOwl

2019 on The Ink Owl

Welcome to 2019 on the Ink Owl! We’ve dived into January already and I couldn’t be more excited for this new year. 2019 has already brought grad school, teaching, parenting, and working (3 jobs) into the mix that is life.

So my theme for writing this year (when I can write) is Self-Compassion.

I think so many people misconstrue this concept as selfishness. Hopefully, I can shed some light on the subject through this year’s posts. Because this year is going to be utter chaos, my writing will mirror that as well. There should be tasty morsels and thought-provoking bits to keep you all entertained. So sit back and get ready for an interesting year!

-M.E. InkOwl

Schooled: My Space

I sit in a chair of ergonomic dimensions,

Looking at plans made and calendars set.

I feel the desk around me curve and look out my office window.

All of this smells new,

A new adventure,

A new beginning,

-M.E. InkOwl

Schooled: Monday Training’s Confession

“So what do you do in your spare time,” the new teacher trainer asks me.

Oh no, don’t screw this up. I think, thoughts racing through my mind.

I’m a father, a husband, I like to garden, to be out side and in the sun, I love to talk to people and hear their stories. I work with cancer patients, I’m obsessed with healthcare, the human body, anatomy, physiology, biology. I love binge watching things, I can talk movies for days without stopping. I make up stories for people I’ve just met. I people watch just to make stories up. I day dream about teaching, story-telling, space, dinosaurs. I’m an avid dinosaur enthusiast, wish I could be a paleontologist, anthropologist, archaeologist. I love to learn, I love to read I . . .

Suddenly the room is dead silent and I realize I’m still staring at the question hanging in the now quiet room.

“Oh, um . . .” I say with a pause.

“I’m . . . I’m a writer, I write at night,” I said, joy burning in my heart while blinking fear from my eyes.

-M. E. InkOwl

Schooled: Hope

Minds at work shining bright,

Fighting to receive wondrous sight.

Thunders the heart, shakes the mind.

A silent prayer whispers in my hands,

Please, please let me teach this right.

-M.E. InkOwl

Schooled: Thrive


“Why would you ever do that?”

“Don’t you make like no money?”

“Sounds stressful.”

“I’d die.”

“I can’t believe you’d choose that.”

Guess I’ll just thrive.

-M.E. InkOwl