Summer Dreamscape

Oh sweet down upon this hill, Comfort this head as a summer eve falls. A cascade of violet stars leads my mind, Into a dream scape of lavender fields. Inhale each vision as oblivion envelops all, And echos of the day lulls these eyes to sleep. -M.E. InkOwl

Iridescent Peaks

Climb high and leave the mist far below, As we step from what is known oh so high. Reassurance has been left to rest with dirt, As we scramble between verdant rungs. Leaves draped to either side, Obscuring a slash of brilliant blue sky. When we reach our desired peak one could only gasp, An … More Iridescent Peaks

Between Root and Sky

I see you between hedges, Gliding in sweet coolness. With evening’s shade descending, A wraith encroaches with blushing robes. Let me reach a quivering limb ever so, Between these briers that hold tight. With humble palm opened, Fingers trace a fragrant hem. Such softness and vibrance is mine, Though my blood slows to stone. And … More Between Root and Sky

Summer Heat

Taciturn beneath a burning sun, While roots seek for nursing. Now the world turns to a dry wash, Fading within rippling currents. Do sun-scorched faces turn toward or away, But now does it truly matter. Until that is a coolness spreads, Creeping from beneath each flower. It spreads and yawns with a deeper silhouette, Shielding … More Summer Heat

A Summer’s Eve Romp

Dance with me, Upon this stage of green. Let fabric fly in the evening light, As we dance about our warming hearts. Oh how our feet glide, As our moves blend to one form. Let’s get lost in this summer’s eve, And delight in the rhythm that is ours. -M.E. InkOwl