Skipping Stones

Skip a stone upon a pond, And watch the ripples waver and fade. With old and young skim across waters deep, That memory may never fade. So withered hand and fingers of youth, May intertwine and remember. Each moment is a gift so carefully wrapped, That we cannot stand to waste. -M.E. InkOwl

Look Thee Not Down

Though the rain may pour, And your back may bend beneath your load. If clouds of darkness gather upon the horizon, And wind may seek to shake you to the core. The ground may crack and mountains crumble, And you may fall into places deep. Remember still the shining sun, And look thee not down. … More Look Thee Not Down


Soft words upon an ear, Gentle arms wrapped round. Wandering eyes filled with love, Bubbling coo and giggling toes. Hidden depths beneath our skin, Holds thrumming hearts intertwining. Bonds that form will never break, As love blossoms stronger than fate or fear. A mother breathes while giving birth to new life, And holds within her … More Mother