Are We Not Blooms

Are we not all buds waiting to bloom Our hidden colors wrapped up tight Shielded by a network of nourishing green What works will we wrought with our true hues As seams of what were burst along lines meant to break What love will be had as we live with banners unfurled Each of us … More Are We Not Blooms

In The Garden

Here in this haven you’ll find a summer sun, Warming aged wood beneath growing green. Where young wick of apple tree, Growth thick with light energy. Oh the wisdom this rained here, Now imbued in growing fruit and leaf. Let me rest my back upon solid ground, And partake of such substance as this. Here … More In The Garden

Come What May

Let me not forget what has been met, Between this heart I bare and the world beyond. I may stand upon a darkened shore, And wonder at ripples dancing with energy unending. I am here to live and breathe, Between this perpetual sky and solid ground. Let me behold the darkness within and beauty beside, … More Come What May

Cry With The Rain

when your edges have become rough and dried out and your roots can find no source of inspiration or joy when taller trees shadow your failing leaves and the ground cracks beneath your woes cry with the rain what wrents to your soul become can only be shown by tears from above let the shining … More Cry With The Rain

Be Yourself

Be vivid as a setting sun, Now is not the time to waste hiding who you are. Embrace your colors, Wearing each hue as tight as a loved one. The love we hold within ourselves, Reflects out between our flaws and imperfections. This light

A Chosen Rose

Roses of red are often looked upon, As fair messengers of loves deepest moods. Yet nature has produced roses of many hues, Peaches, pastel pinks, shining white, and resident yellow. I myself trust not these sanguine blossoms to depict my love, Give me a rainbow of passion fir for royalty, That you may know of … More A Chosen Rose