Carmine Octavo

Let the blight and rot come forth, Beneath this Yew Wood deep. We bring forth a pestilence and plague, With our hands so keen. For now as we gather strength, Our quarry rears it’s head. Cover them with torment unending, as the sickness seeps in deep. For we will prevail in our dark pursuits, We … More Carmine Octavo

Grandmother Agnes

“Careful there, young master!” Crooned a voice issuing from a throat harsh with age. The very air shivered at the sound. Martin shook sandy blond curls from an apple-cheeked face as he stopped on the muddy lane. The young boy turned around, looking back down the rain-soaked pathway. There, limping between wagon ruts that ran deep … More Grandmother Agnes

The Barrow-Wight

Do not speak, oh naive child, You do not know of what you say. It hears you even now in jest, laughing at Its name. But the day will come when you are alone and in the darkness deep. You’ll hear the purr, and feel Its breath as Its teeth sink into your flesh. So … More The Barrow-Wight

June on the Ink Owl

Thank you all for such an excellent month! It was incredible to see all of your responses and excitement about poems and photographs alike. Your comments and likes are always appreciated! Now for a new month and onto new writing! I feel a need to stretch my writing abilities in a different direction. I’ve been … More June on the Ink Owl