Sinister Countdown- Carmine Octavo

Let the blight and rot come forth, Beneath this Yew Wood deep. We bring forth a pestilence and plague, With our hands so keen. For now as we gather strength, Our quarry rears it’s head. Cover them with torment unending, as the sickness seeps in deep. For we will prevail in our dark pursuits, We … More Sinister Countdown- Carmine Octavo

Sinister Countdown- Witch Daughter’s Flight

Bells tolled in the twilight their cracked and aged mounting protesting with shrieks unheard above the clamoring din. “Hurry child they won’t be long! You’ve got to flee from this home!” Aunt Harriett’s face was flushed with panic as she pulled Cher’s from the icebox and wrapped a warm loaf into Meredith’s bag. “But Aunt, … More Sinister Countdown- Witch Daughter’s Flight

The Grave Dancer

Paul shivered at the angels blank face, its white worn eyes seeming to drink him in. “How long do we have to wait?” He asked, punching Ruben in the arm, “You said she’d come at dusk.” Ruben suck air between clenched teeth and looked around. “Quiet, or you’ll scare her away!” “Is she even coming?” … More The Grave Dancer