Secrets Upon A Stair

She stood upon her secret stair, willing the voices echoing quietly to move on. Surely I’ll be found out, and be cast from this place forever! She thought, desperately looking for an escape. But then the mumbling voices grew clear and she froze. “And when it is completed, the sign shall be given from the … More Secrets Upon A Stair

The Whispering Wood

  “Do you hear it?” Madra whispered in my ear. We stood by the edge of a chilled lake. I knew my breath was fogging in the frozen air, but the usual lines of silver and gray vibrated around in my head. My broken eyes could not see, but the rest of my body compensated. … More The Whispering Wood

Chip, Crack, Crash

Chip, crack, crash. We break the ice, jagged and clear. Washing our hands from blood through the years. Chip, crack, crash. Our work here will never be done. Eternal frost and broken bones. Chip, crack, crash. We are buried beneath an unending load. Backs bent, skin slick with sweat and liquid ice. Chip, crack, crash. … More Chip, Crack, Crash

The Orb

“Billie, don’t touch it! What are you doing?” Lessie cried, smacking his hand away from the glowing orb. Her dark eyes flashed in fear as she felt the pull of the object’s power on her mind. “Help me,” It seemed to call out in her mind, “Reach out and lift me from this place, child. Save me.” … More The Orb

The Parking Garage

“Hello?” Judy called into the night. Her brow furrowed at the now pressing silence as she looked from side to side. The parking lot was dimly lit, revealing an entire level completely devoid of cars. There had been an echo of her own footsteps in the garage, but a discordant sound had rung out, breaking … More The Parking Garage

Into The Cave

“Come down here my little pretties,” Cackled the small wrinkled goblin, disappearing around the bend, “May way my witty, for tonight we feast on twilight and fun.” The creature waved at the two youths, not even glancing back to make sure they were following. Mel and Rob looked at one another, unsure of what to make … More Into The Cave

Carmine Octavo

Let the blight and rot come forth, Beneath this Yew Wood deep. We bring forth a pestilence and plague, With our hands so keen. For now as we gather strength, Our quarry rears it’s head. Cover them with torment unending, as the sickness seeps in deep. For we will prevail in our dark pursuits, We … More Carmine Octavo

Grandmother Agnes

“Careful there, young master!” Crooned a voice issuing from a throat harsh with age. The very air shivered at the sound. Martin shook sandy blond curls from an apple-cheeked face as he stopped on the muddy lane. The young boy turned around, looking back down the rain-soaked pathway. There, limping between wagon ruts that ran deep … More Grandmother Agnes