Light a Frozen Fire

I wandered through this sleeping world, Hearing life beneath the howling wind. My refinement of flora bade me sleep and I slept, Only to be awoken by strange calls at dawn. Lifting a moss studded head I beheld, Something out of my childish daydreams. A long form covered in ice ranged before me, With snout … More Light a Frozen Fire

Upon a Walking Shore

I ventured upon a diverse shore, And touched leaves along the way. Where I went only three could see, As they disappeared round a bend. I though I was alone while walking, But soon found a rabble of traveling forms. No bigger than mice were these boisterous lot, As I stop short of their chattering … More Upon a Walking Shore

Wanderer’s Soul

My soul doth wander, And I must follow. Beneath smooth stones of sand, Let me commune with toss winds, And sun warmed rocks. That I may begin anew, Breath deep and light a flame for me. -M.E. InkOwl

Reflect Upon an End

Wander away to this further end, And gaze upon a glass so clear. Divine each secret held in thine breast, And see what truths lie within. But lo’ heed not the darker depths, They seek to drag the unwary beneath. For darker still lies fear so kindled, That thou wouldst complete thine doom. -M.E. InkOwl

Lay Me Down

Remember me beneath autumn leaves, As the wind changes and skies grow dark. The world may tilt between a dark star, But I will still burn bright with the memory of you. Touch my lips with a gentle reminder of summer to come, That I may help these trees lay up for winter. For frost … More Lay Me Down

Linger Longer

Forgive me while I linger here, Upon a leaf littered threshold. I came to find peace beyond these hedge walls, And found wisdom to spare. Now let my eyes feast upon a world so changed, That my soul may rejuvenate. And I may climb onward through this forest so dark, While burning white hot with … More Linger Longer