Infinity’s Rings

Let me capture infinity unfolding. A picture that contains twilight and dawn. So begins each cycle within cycle. Thought within thought. Dream within dream. As age greets youth with loving embrace. Where green vine traces dried root. And fresh blossoms highlights dropping petals. What a round we find ourselves in. Alway seeing what is around … More Infinity’s Rings

Oh Rolling Stream

Let us pause and sing, With this rolling stream. That once again we may lean upon, Sounds of nature that soothe each long worn soul. Upon a dusty road have we traveled, Into this cooling night. Now we may find rest from a never ending list, Of what must be done now. I close my … More Oh Rolling Stream


Such is this feeling that grows, Within a chest so pulsing with life. Iron among the green, Sharp among the supple. How long will I spend upon these waking moments, Separate from this good earth that I love so. Lead me not away from nature’s all giving womb, Into the harshness of mortal man. I … More Opposites