Remembering Tolkien

Give me a feast fit for a hobbit hole, Beside a crackling fire and smoking pipe. Where laughter and rousing cheers guide the night. And fantastic tales of lore long forgotten. Stack the plates and load up every platter, Fill each glass and loosen worn vests and belts. By candle light let us raise glasses … More Remembering Tolkien

Wisdom of Ages

Call upon the wisdom of nature, Once living but now has passed. Within hardened resin and bleached bark, Lines the understanding script of time. Young are we dwelling upon this rock, And timeless are these hills upon a mount. We would do well to remember our years, And lie upon this path to learn. With … More Wisdom of Ages


Such is this feeling that grows, Within a chest so pulsing with life. Iron among the green, Sharp among the supple. How long will I spend upon these waking moments, Separate from this good earth that I love so. Lead me not away from nature’s all giving womb, Into the harshness of mortal man. I … More Opposites

Lemon Bars of Spring

Vibrant lays beneath powdered sweet, Sing me a song of fresh air and green grass, As we pucker to the taste of sour and cream, Yellow curd atop buttery crispness, Take a bite and enjoy lemon bars or Spring. -M.E. InkOwl Check out the recipe below: Lemon Bars