Lemon Bars of Spring

Vibrant lays beneath powdered sweet, Sing me a song of fresh air and green grass, As we pucker to the taste of sour and cream, Yellow curd atop buttery crispness, Take a bite and enjoy lemon bars or Spring. -M.E. InkOwl Check out the recipe below: Lemon Bars

Hope Among the Ice

Follow me upon this ice crusted water, Shedding tears once thought so bitter. I know now the anxiety of the past, As it creeps through the shadows of winter. Wander between each laden bow, And taste the fear of a season’s sleep. Hush, hide with me in this twisted wood, Burry yourself to the green … More Hope Among the Ice

Think of the Rain

  What do you think of the rain, Pouring down from a bosom of torn open sky? Does it feel as if there is an end to goodness, As clouds seemingly fill the wandering blue? Do your senses run mad, At the thought of this constant beating drum? Will this deluge be forever, Drowning us … More Think of the Rain