This Fence

How many of us leaned against this fence?

In times of joy, in times of pain?

How many of us stood there,

Wishing this moment would never end.

I remember standing below the lilacs as they bloomed.

Watching the sun heat up hanging iron horse shoes.

It was a lazy moment.

The smell of lilac heavy on my face.

Sun warming the skin of my neck.

Breathing deep and sinking in.

I touch this fence and felt my young body transcend.

-M.E. InkOwl

On-The-Go- Thistle Born

Thistle upon a wandering down,

Have you been searching for what has been found?

Guard your beauty with hook and thorn,

Hide behind stalks tall and forlorn.

Thistle bloom so secrets bore,

Wish me well as forgotten lore.

-M.E. InkOwl

Mother Earth

shed your tears upon these stones,

forget where you’ve suffered the most

lean upon our Mother Earth,

tethering heart and soul to ground

drink upon a crystal well,

remember a wild open world

heal and be free,

ageless wonder that you are

-M.E. InkOwl

Saturday Writing Share

We’re going to try this again. I’ll start a poem with some kind of theme off the top of my head and you guys continue it in the comments below! It’d be fun to see what we create.

Today’s prompt (partial poem) is:

Call to me oh lands forgotten,

As I hold this Grandfather Box of Stone.

I trace these lines of Ages past,

And wonder what may be.

. . .

Wood of Ages

Touch not the wood of ages,

With its heart of poisoned Yew.

Lest we forget the great deception,

Wrought by blood and fire.

Listen to the calling wind,

Hissing between jeweled leaves.

Resist the urge to press yourself upon the waiting hedge,

Knowing it frames death’s door.

Crawl back from the Yew,

And remember mortality.

Call upon the Wood of Ages,

And remember thy fleeting youth.

-M.E. InkOwl

Whispering To The Trees

I stand on my own two feet,

Knowing I am but a child upon an unending road.

Behind me a mountain have I tread,

Before me a rolling twisting world.

“I cannot go forward,” I whisper,

Knowing I am quite alone.

For a moment I stand there,

Breathing in the silent eternal roar.

And in a low hiss and ripple,

My fear is passed on to an old soul.

Body dappled from age and storm,

A thousand voices embrace my words.

Sentinels groan in the tides of existence,

Anchoring me with their heights.

I am not alone,

Heard by these old bones.

So I share my tears, worries, and woes,

Enveloped by their waving arms.

I continue on and on,

Whispering to the trees.

-M.E. InkOwl

come to my garden

come to my garden you who’s hearts are heavy,

rest your weary feet upon yon grass so green

forget your load and burdens long carried,

tis too long since you’ve remembered who you were

safe you are as long as you terry here,

drink deep of living waters and feel peace

only tomorrow holds its own counsel,

and those worries do not belong here

come to my garden and remember,

you are enough so rest

-M.E. InkOwl

On-The-Go- Cornflowers Blue

Dilly-dally this day away with me,

While bees buzz around the cornflowers blue.

Spare a moment by my side,

As wind tosses round tall cornflowers blue.

Hold me close beneath this purpling sky,

As off drop the petals of these cornflowers blue.

-M.E. InkOwl

In A Day Dream

Day dream upon a rippling sky,

Watch as small wonders blossom in sight.

As an Otter taking to a stream,

We glide into a sea of imagination.

With sails aglow and hopes high,

An adventure is ours ripe for the picking.

Now let us be off with no looking back,

And dive into a day dream upon a rippling sky.

-M.E. InkOwl