Oh Potted Plant

Oh potted plant facing the sun, I hope to see where you grow yourself. Will you fill the space that has been given, With roots dive down to seek succor. How will your leaves unfurl, And blossoms arise? However you may do this, Whatever your process may be. I will joyfully watch your progression, And … More Oh Potted Plant

Summer Bee

Busy as one can see, Gliding between rays of light. Constant motion giving way to a dive, Leaping into a well of nectar. Dusted upon from wingtip to antennae, You trace a half lazy path back home. -M.E. InkOwl

Chalice of Green

Chalice of green placed in the sun, To guard all who may enter this space. With lions mane and earthly growth, Bid all to seek wisdom and nourishment. Remind us of what is always possible, Under the light of each day and starry night. Let brass upon this corner sing, As steps take us wandering … More Chalice of Green

Cerulean Sky

I wonder what is actually happening, Above our secrets so green. A cerulean jewel lies just out of reach, Wrapped on all sides by these leaves. We look up upon its deepest parts, And seldom take things in. Oh the scattering of white swirls can confound us, But what can we really comprehend with our … More Cerulean Sky

Owl Secrets

Upon a perch are you found, Above acres of growing things. With fierce eyes and plumage thus hidden, Watching all that occurs in your land. Even as sun burns white hot, You bide your time and wait. For what only you can say, As you alone can see all. Now quick as shadows must we … More Owl Secrets

First Flight

Soaring between mountains, Upon wings long thought dead. As one we scream our defiance and delight, To the world spinning about us. This, our first flight is marked upon each cloud, As we surge past protective gates and pinwheeling lookouts. No more will we obey the laws of man, Not that of gravity that has … More First Flight

Let Nature Heal

Lift eyes upwards and see, The beauty that surrounds. So much has existence been sought, To have al that which can only be purchased. Forget do we that which is above price, That humbles, inspires, and renews. That which we wish would give us delight, Is but smoke and mirrors to tantalize. Our souls cry … More Let Nature Heal