Summer Haiku 6

Author’s Note: I wasn’t expecting my summer poetry series to turn into a larger story, but now it has. So this next haiku series will attempt to give some descriptions of the six main characters. And we’ll see where to go from there. I’ll try to link all of these poems together (in order) to … More Summer Haiku 6

Summer So Lazy

Stems tossing in the wind, Flashes of gold waving in an already forgotten world. Beyond a hole speckled window screen, Five youthful forms sat around an untidy room. Eyes edged with fear took in poster covered walls, Glow in the dark stars ran up one wall and ceiling. Voices murmured between as lives connected, Five … More Summer So Lazy

Summer Secrets

Baked earth beneath shifting leaves, Hedges in bloom droop heavy with heat. A noon day sun shines upon a shifting scene, Where dozens watch as fuel ignites. Cries of dismay linger with shimmering mirages, Questions raise in the thousands as an edifice burns. Every flowering face turns above innocent heads, Pointing to out two lone … More Summer Secrets

Summer Mystery

Sink into forgotten memories, As we unravel a mystery. Wonder and intrigue consume thoughts, As present considers what has passed. Written alphabets passed upon delicate petals, Unaware of seeking eyes bent to read. How well does purple and vibrant gold, Cover drops of crimson so shamelessly shed. -M.E. InkOwl