Terra Lucidum

Photo by Todd McKinley

Follow the winding shore, to the edge where naught but water laps.

Throw yourself to the four winds as they converge upon your small form.

Separate heaven and earth from life and death as you wind your way round columns of clouds.

And when you’ve reached to the stars and blackness, turn back and look upon this world.

There, floating about the sea will you find a people free,

From tyranny and hate that no longer enslaves them to stone and jewel.

This is Terra Lucidum, let her banner fly as high as the gulls. From the waters to the stars rule mortal mankind.

Lest we forget, take upon your back the clouds, the sky, the storm and the squall.

Till sea claims your form when you fall.

There you will find Terra Lucidum.

-M.E. InkOwl

A Highway Unending

‘Tis a highway upon the sky,

One there always flowing.

Above the trees and birds it moves,

Beyond the reach of man.

We may fly planes and space faring craft,

Into a void of light.

But never will, we reach that road,

That highway in the sky.

-M.E. InkOwl

The Wheel Ever Turning

Here upon the ground I walk,

Between tall grass and sage.

In the distance, I spy a lowing form,

Chocolate brown surrounded by gray-green.

I feel an age pass beneath the sun,

Within the blink of an eye.

A hawk twists in the sky,

And below the lowing continues.

For now, my feet must hold me down,

Connecting me to reality.

-M.E. InkOwl