Cerulean Sky

I wonder what is actually happening, Above our secrets so green. A cerulean jewel lies just out of reach, Wrapped on all sides by these leaves. We look up upon its deepest parts, And seldom take things in. Oh the scattering of white swirls can confound us, But what can we really comprehend with our … More Cerulean Sky

Terra Lucidum

Follow the winding shore, to the edge where naught but water laps. Throw yourself to the four winds as they converge upon your small form. Separate heaven and earth from life and death as you wind your way round columns of clouds. And when you’ve reached to the stars and blackness, turn back and look … More Terra Lucidum

A Highway Unending

‘Tis a highway upon the sky, One there always flowing. Above the trees and birds it moves, Beyond the reach of man. We may fly planes and space faring craft, Into a void of light. But never will, we reach that road, That highway in the sky. -M.E. InkOwl