Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

Upon this wood, we cast our net, Gleaming in the evening light. With drops of blood so tainted spill, We break down its wards of light. Dance round the circle, Once,  Twice, Thrice. The elements now align. Yew, Iron, and Copper. Break upon our burning hands. For we call upon the powers beyond, Crumble those … More Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

Nonus Naeniam

Gleeful are we, three sisters of darkness, Come dancing now to thee. The signs are crushed, and wards are broken, Draw near our time has come. For now, we have, the Greenwitch fair, Far innocent that was hoped for. And now with her, the dying begins, Our mission here is ending. Come forth from wells … More Nonus Naeniam

Septima Naeniam

  Drag the yew wood ’round the fire, Turn the stones dry side down. Pluck the wormwood from its sheath, And drive it underground. Call for the beetle and the grub, The pestilence now will come. Pick the bones clean, Begin the fun. -M.E. InkOwl