Journey-man, lay down your tools and tell me a story, Of far off lands and winter’s darkest spell. Let me listen to your weathered oak voice, As you toss me upon a waving sea of memory. Pull me from my place of comfort, And guide me up a winding mountain trail. Sing of dragons and … More Journey-Man

On The Road

The road stretched before our car, thumping under all four tires. All around us desert and mountains stretched for miles. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I thought and loved it. This was my favorite part of our family road trip. It meant that we had finally left our home state and were now plunging headlong into a new … More On The Road

The Hunt

The wold was dark under a moonless sky, A rolling sea of obsidian and grass. T’was the blood of my hands and your bonds, That egged on a howling plague. From over a lip of darkness, Poured a thousandfold of burning eyes. All we could do was run on, And pray to forgotten gods. -M.E. Inkowl