On The Road

The road stretched before our car, thumping under all four tires. All around us desert and mountains stretched for miles. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I thought and loved it. This was my favorite part of our family road trip. It meant that we had finally left our home state and were now plunging headlong into a new … More On The Road

By The River Running

Don’t you understand honey?” She said, trying to sound helpful. “They’re taking it all down all of it all the trees the river the forest, they’re already bulldozing it down.” I ran, bushes and leaves slapping against my legs. A bird took flight from its hiding place, calling out with an ugly voice. “Raven.” My … More By The River Running

Eyes Closed Tight

Darkness fell outside my bedroom. I watched as lines of lamplight stretched across the walls of my room, throwing bizarre shadows into every corner. “Good night.” Said, mom, as she kissed our foreheads. My brother and I murmured our love into the night as sleep filled our consciousness. Our lamp glowed red, giving off the … More Eyes Closed Tight

Chip, Crack, Crash

Chip, crack, crash. We break the ice, jagged and clear. Washing our hands from blood through the years. Chip, crack, crash. Our work here will never be done. Eternal frost and broken bones. Chip, crack, crash. We are buried beneath an unending load. Backs bent, skin slick with sweat and liquid ice. Chip, crack, crash. … More Chip, Crack, Crash

The Parking Garage

“Hello?” Judy called into the night. Her brow furrowed at the now pressing silence as she looked from side to side. The parking lot was dimly lit, revealing an entire level completely devoid of cars. There had been an echo of her own footsteps in the garage, but a discordant sound had rung out, breaking … More The Parking Garage

Carmine Octavo

Let the blight and rot come forth, Beneath this Yew Wood deep. We bring forth a pestilence and plague, With our hands so keen. For now as we gather strength, Our quarry rears it’s head. Cover them with torment unending, as the sickness seeps in deep. For we will prevail in our dark pursuits, We … More Carmine Octavo