Thoughts Beyond

Twist upon a thought so clear, And weave a little lie for me. Upon the back of a silent giant are we born, To places wonderus and unknown. Now let us pray for grasses green, Upon a fire of stone. That we may lay down in dreamless sleep, And walk with those of old. -M.E … More Thoughts Beyond


Watch from the stillness of my heart, As you glide away as light upon water. Profound is this moment as I separate from you, And we stand on an edge of a looking glass. Drop in a single stem of Yew, Crusted in a hoar frost newly formed. Will you return from beyond? Only time … More Stillness

On The Go- Sides

Here we sit upon this fence, Waiting for it to all make sense. Some have since picked a side, Slipping down that treacherous slide. Wait will we the chosen free, For death to choose our lives to be. -M.E. InkOwl