These Hands

What hands are mine to wrought such work, As seen fit to be judged by others? Lines of experience and desire unchanged, Holds fast to this wild world around. Let me make my mark upon the rock, That others may remember my name and deed. To pass beyond a great cosmic veil, And be not … More These Hands

Memory in Magenta

Pass me a pen and ink that I may write, Before this thought has time to pack and leave. In this moment I can feel each color, Drifting away upon this summer breeze. Let me capture just a bit of it, And illuminate your mind with these words. But wait, the moment has passed, And … More Memory in Magenta


What treasures do we hold within ourselves, While waiting for the heat to come after our blossoms fall? Do we wilt below the heat of our own fears and shame, Or allow ourselves to dry out upon the refiners furnace? What of the fruits of our labor do we bear, Have we planted hope within … More Potential

Mountain Strong

Mountain strong upon the ground, May we call each other friend. For our hearts beat warm and trusting, Beneath this sky so blue. Sing me ageless melodies, That I may learn of eternity. -M.E. InkOwl

Nature’s Bouquet

What lovely gift is this? Nature’s bouquet waiting to be admired. So I, with good will, do pause to still my coursing mind and breathe in a moment. Feeling grounded round the roots of this tree, between its reaching limbs, and upon white pedals of its bloom. -M.E. InkOwl

A Bit of Earth

Give me this bit of earth, That I may grow my hopes and dreams. I do not ask for the world, To be placed selfishly upon my lap. Just a space where I may take root and grow, Beneath heaven and upon rich soil and stone. Let me take a bit of earth, And create … More A Bit of Earth