In Death’s Garden

“Walk with me.” Said Cerum. The command was quiet, yet it willed the very air around my body, pushing me forward. “Yes, Mastre.” I ducked my head,  feeling my skin crawl as I fell in stride with the Lord. Beside us his hunched attends walked, tactfully blocking any chance of evasion. Cerum held up a … More In Death’s Garden

Dragon Moon

Her body twisted in the evening breeze, gown billowing from her thin frame. She moved around an empty ring of grass. The night spoke through bending trees as the young girl danced. “Tis bad luck to dance the night before the Dragon Moon.” Hissed the young girl’s father. He watched, eyes filled with scorn and … More Dragon Moon

A Gathering of Wyrms

Wind blew ice and snow against silver helms. Metal blistered against skin as the sky tore open and fell upon the shielded knights. “Callum, to the cave! They are vulnerable!” Kasia shrieked. She leapt to the side as another powerful downdraft of air iced over the rocks where she had stood. Powdered snow and chunks … More A Gathering of Wyrms

Greenwood Chapter 1: An Eastern Wind

“They’re late as usual.” Echoed Lord Strix’s voice as he sank deeper into the recesses of his shriveled juniper stump. Great golden orbs blinked as a cracked claw scraped on dried wood. The air was close in the rough-hewn circular hall. All kinds of creatures filled the space rippling with suppressed agitation. “They’ll come my old … More Greenwood Chapter 1: An Eastern Wind