Winter’s Dew

Echo in these halls of ice, As a long forgotten voice now risen. Bow low beneath the weight of life, And grasp each mountain root. Burst forth from shells long forgotten, And clutch at the frozen dew. In death we sing this song never forgotten, In life we hide beneath the dew. -M.E. InkOwl

Doldrums of Winter

Tears of ice fall from chilled cheek bones, Clinking their way down half-dead dreams. Momentum has stalled well before this, Entombing hopes within the winter’s dark. Now I stand between starvation and hibernation, Willing these ends to meet again. Take these tears freely shed, And decorate my memory with what I had hoped to be. … More Doldrums of Winter

Beyond the Grasses

Follow the silent line of wings, To an end in the road beyond. There I wait beyond the grass sea, Waiting to take you by the hand. But only when the lines of time, Have traced your face with worn care. Let our hair be as gray as a winter sky, And our bodies as … More Beyond the Grasses

Beneath Winter’s Feet

winds that blow between pointed peaks shrieking cold that lasts for a lifetime patience lives below packed snow eyes now closed wait peacefully sing to me now sing us sweet for spring lies beneath winter’s feet -M.E. InkOwl

These Chains

Follow these chains down deep, To those places long forgotten. Rarely does the sun reach between the reeds and roots. But life does not end here in the murky dark, Here we flourish. While sun and moon may wage war upon baked or frozen ground, We many maintain our fervor for growth, As fierce as … More These Chains

This Frost

Where came this Frost, Upon the weakened bows of life? Down to the roots does sleep crawl, Filling eve dark spaces with seeming death. Draw close to me dear one, That we may fall asleep together. Wrapped in each other’s arms as all turns cold, May we pray for the coming dawn of spring. -M.E. … More This Frost

Hope Among the Ice

Follow me upon this ice crusted water, Shedding tears once thought so bitter. I know now the anxiety of the past, As it creeps through the shadows of winter. Wander between each laden bow, And taste the fear of a season’s sleep. Hush, hide with me in this twisted wood, Burry yourself to the green … More Hope Among the Ice

Worlds Beneath

This hidden world, Beneath the ice, Living beyond our thoughts. Death we think is the end, But living will go on, Patiently filling each space. Transcending our earthly round, ‘Til all time breaks and shatters in the deep, And silence reigns king. -M.E. InkOwl