Soft words upon an ear, Gentle arms wrapped round. Wandering eyes filled with love, Bubbling coo and giggling toes. Hidden depths beneath our skin, Holds thrumming hearts intertwining. Bonds that form will never break, As love blossoms stronger than fate or fear. A mother breathes while giving birth to new life, And holds within her … More Mother

Nature’s Bouquet

What lovely gift is this? Nature’s bouquet waiting to be admired. So I, with good will, do pause to still my coursing mind and breathe in a moment. Feeling grounded round the roots of this tree, between its reaching limbs, and upon white pedals of its bloom. -M.E. InkOwl

A Bit of Earth

Give me this bit of earth, That I may grow my hopes and dreams. I do not ask for the world, To be placed selfishly upon my lap. Just a space where I may take root and grow, Beneath heaven and upon rich soil and stone. Let me take a bit of earth, And create … More A Bit of Earth

Write From Within

Write. Drag pen across paper, Decisively mark a first step, Onto an empty road. Breathe in a moment, Feel what is, And do what comes naturally. Write. As the world sighs beyond that open window. Write. As line of flame dancing up a dry twig’s back. Write. As moths flutter above your flickering light of … More Write From Within

To Be A Cloud

Oh to be free as a floating wisp of cloud, Not bothered by the fears of man. Creating all that is and can be, With delicate trails and shifting bodies. Oh to be a cloud, Drifting around an endless azure dome. -M.E. InkOwl