Mirror Glass

Remember this mirror glass, That once held quiet the depths of autumn. When the world was falling still, We walked upon this familiar shore. Now surrounds our summer growing, Baking growth beneath the sun. Let winter’s touch finally cease, As we are surrounded by summer’s warmth. But do not forget this world’s spinning, That brings … More Mirror Glass

Up A Rolling Hill

Follow me up this rolling hill, And touch the wandering skies with me. Where clouds dance and water streams, We run a wide long track. Leave behind your aging worries, And get lost in the summer scene. Up a rolling hill we’ll climb, And watch a stealthy fox hunt among the weeds. And be startled … More Up A Rolling Hill

Iced Cream Thoughts

Delicious is a mouthful of frost, While black asphalt bubbles outside. A taste of banana, walnut, and pistachio, Tickles my insides with each bite. Remember laugher, contented sighs, As door swings loudly shut. Close your eyes and remember these moments, As life rolls on to a new day. -M.E. InkOwl

A Song of Reeds

Grow green with me this day, And shift in the evening light. Lean in each delicious breeze, As wings flutter about our singing heads. Sigh with me and put down roots, Within the sweet damp earth beneath the water. It’s an existence long and restful, Within the realm of summer long. -M.E. InkOwl

Carved Secrets

I wonder what this map means? Carved into potter’s clay. With lines so familiar and yet so alien, So these young eyes ponder. Suppositions touch these lips, And blooms of imagination grow. Reality has no bearing here, As thoughts run wild across this room. Fingers brush carved rocky heights, And trace lines of rivers and … More Carved Secrets

Summer Dreams

I must remind myself that I am dreaming, While a light breeze blows about my head. A smell of baked earth and stinging nettles, Bids me welcome to this place. If only this weren’t just a dream, To see grasses bending low. Hawk cry and cottontail scramble, A cow lowing in the distance. While cool … More Summer Dreams