What secrets do you hide away?

You’re banks hold hidden depths.

Before I wandered at the waters edge,

Content, safe, and assured.

But now your gently waving grass beckons my heart to leap.

A siren’s melody creeps deep within and holds my heart.

You lure me in to keep.


Lightning cracked and thunder rumbled.

A mountains face was broken up. Earth and flora tumbled down,

their foundation torn asunder.

Between the veil of humankind, we left this world and plunged under.

Growing Apart

Since when has our bond grown loose?

How I wish to hold you in my arms.

You fit beneath my chin, tucked into my heart.

Now I feel the emptiness stretching us wide.

Apart we are, orbiting the same star,

Yet never are we to touch again.

To collide would mean destruction.

Contact produces an end.

The Line

Let’s see how far I can step over you.

I know the alarms will roar.

I like to push and pull and shove,

Until we’ve crossed a line.

I like to see you squawk and shriek,

Your strings are getting pretty frayed.

But look at me, I’ve pushed too far and now I’m in the corner bare.

Pond Song

Silent is my mouth, I’ve tied it in a bow.

For now the throats of gentle fowl fill deep my soul with song.

The heron dips its kingly head, while sparrow shouts aloud.

With ibis walks large pelicans, and geese form a row.

Sing sweet the song of avian friends, their beaks make melody long.

To humans sing, their speech plain words unknown in woven tongue.

Pass You By

I want you to see me,

See me for who I am.

For I am bound by promises,

Made in an undying land.

I know I’d hold you with care,

Your heart would never break.

Yet the thought of me caressing you,

Fills all with unbearable hate.

So now I’ll sit with baited breath,

Waiting for the end to roll by.

And you be sitting there all alone,

Wondering who will be at your side.




My shadows run deep and darker still, behind my smiling eyes.

Morbid are my thoughts, decrepit is my mind.

I love the darkness within.