Healing Tapestry- Michael Erickson

Healing Tapestry- Michael Erickson Healing Tapestry- Michael Erickson — Read on godoggocafe.com/2020/08/09/healing-tapestry-michael-erickson/ Here is poem I’ve had published at GoDogGoCafe, it’s my weekly post. To all of you writers following check this website out. It is filled with inspirational stories, has wonderful community, and gives writing advice! Check it out!

Saturday Book Review- Into The Land of the Unicorns

Today’s Saturday Book Review is “Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville. This is book one in The Unicorn Chronicles series. Unknown to the young girl Cara, a dangerous quest will thrust her from our world into another full of magical creatures like dwarves, dragons, wanderers, and even unicorns. There she will find … More Saturday Book Review- Into The Land of the Unicorns


Starburst among the greenery, Shaking from unseen breeze. Waiting for a bumbling honeybee, To dust linen pedals with pollen. A simple act so far removed, From the symphony of my own organic body. Two galaxies spinning just beyond reach, Watching each other so fascinated. -M.E. InkOwl

Wisdom of a Stone

Warm my skin beneath the sun, Hear a raven call from rocky point. Ribbon each stone with history bright, And dance between shadowy forms. Lick the dust of millennia gone by, And close your eyes before night has come. Listen to stars fall and galaxies pass, As the world speaks of memorial gold. Learn from … More Wisdom of a Stone

Raspberry Pines

Shrink me down to thimble size, And let me dance among the wild grasses green. With a needle as my sword and wood chip as my shield, I will battle any spider or ant who may get in my way. A forest of raspberry pines to I seek, To lose my thoughts and taste within. … More Raspberry Pines

Beyond the Tide

I crave a new perspective, With different horizons and a tasteful air. Run with me to where gulls cry, And a vast sea stretches beyond the reaches of our eyes. We can turn with the pelicans and bask by singing seals, Follow me out onto a rickety peer where the water laps at our feet. … More Beyond the Tide

August Adventures

Watching and wait for a signal to be struck, Listen close for a thrumming drum. Tis the height of Summer, and its heat bests us all, So while the world hides away look with me to the west. There’s a myriad of adventures just waiting, Between the rising moon and falling sun. -M.E. InkOwl