One Lovely Blog Award



Hey! I am ecstatic at the announcement that The Ink Owl has received another blogging award!  Thanks to  What Living Taught Me for the nomination and support! I am so excited that my writing has received so much recognition this past month. I am excited for all of you to read and visit my list of nominations. But first the details.


Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
Must add 7 facts about themselves.
Nominate 15 people to do the award!

Seven Facts About Me:

1. I work night shifts in a cancer hospital and enjoy the work immensely.

2. Currently I am working on writing four book projects simultaneously and am  hopefully that in the coming months something will be ready to submit to publishers.

3. I am a self taught sculptor from the age of six. When I was younger I created all sorts of “things” and wove so many stories into each piece. (They were mostly space ships.)

4. I write at night mostly, on night shift, or at home. I often feel like Jo March, with an unquiet mind that catches fire when the sun goes down. I can’t stop the stories that beg to be written.

5. As a small child I often experienced high fevers that ended up with me lying in bed hearing the sound of breaking glass. I’d often have dreams about being trapped in a house of glass that was shattering all around me. Come to find out, nearly 24 years later, those fevers slightly damaged my vestibular nerve in one ear and now causes me to feel like I’m riding a roller coaster, but only when I’m sick.

6. I am atrocious with grammar, but I love to write. I can’t stop myself from writing. It’s ridiculous. Heaven help my editor when I finally get a real one.

7. I love being outside. There is nothing more satisfying than having my bare feet in the cool grass, or digging around in the dirt. I love taking my children and disappearing into the wilderness. The other day I wrote a poem by the side of a pond while my boys threw rocks into the water. We had great blue herons and pelicans flying all around us. It was incredible.

Nominations (in no certain order):

Jack Bennett– his poetry is beautifully written, and full of inspiration. Go visit his page right now! Be inspired!

Becca– I recently started following Becca. She has some insightful thoughts and experiences to share on her blog. Her photos are fantastic as well.

Ed A. Murray– Ed is a published author of three works of fiction. He has some great insight and advice on writing, and for writers. Love it.

MTAGGARTWRITER– I love following this blog! Not only are beautiful words and poetry given, but also visually pleasing photographs from the world around us. Plus M.Taggart has a Facebook page where you can share your work on another social media platform, with fellow writers.

John W. Leys– Follow the link to this wonderfully dark and enticing blog. John weaves intricate lines of poetry and prose that will leave you haunted and wanting more.

Sarah Doughty– Yet another exquisite blog full of poetry that pulls at your heart and mind. I’m always amazed at the brevity that comes with each poem, yet the layers of thought each line possesses.

ZeckromBryan–  Follow this link to some interesting fiction. Short stories abound from inspired minds and real-life experiences.

Eyes + Words– Superb writing that stimulate the mind and soul. Follow the link!

Amy Walters– A wonderful blog full of inspiration and encouragement for all things writing.

Amanda McCoy– Amanda has a lovely blog filled with sage advice and understanding for all things writing. Her words are filled with positivity, but also realistic intent. She’s a wonderful writer.

Steph J– Steph’s blog is all about passing on a positive vibe. Her blog is so wonderful and full of exciting things to read about and be inspired by. I’ve entered a few contests she created, as well as participated in some blog parties and every interaction I have with her has been excellent!

Dave (Who Writes Fiction)– Want to learn how to write short stories? Want to read entertaining short stories and other fictional works? Visit this wonderful blog. Dave is great.

DineANDrhyme– You’ve got to check out this blog full of mouthwatering food, poetry, and vlogging!! I love it!

Fragments of My Mind– More on the dark-lovely side of this award, this blog addresses depression and the painfully poignant feelings associated. It’s a vivid and evoking experience.

Gary– Follow Gary for a wealth of information. Be it the latest and greatest in advice for writing, featured authors, and cross promotion of exciting blogs or being a guest blogger. Gary is witty and full of energy enough to cure any writer’s blog. Check out his blog!

8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations my friend and thank you for thinking of my humble blog as one of your nominees. Although do I resemble your kind shout out I wonder? One never considers oneself witty at all!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My therapist once said I should listen to what other people say about me more and not to my own inner critic!! Ergo I shall gratefully accept that compliment 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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