Blood and Anxiety- Out of Reach


Take my hand once more in yours,

And tell me one of your simpering lies.

Wish my skies fill with clouds so dark,

That, running, I may come back in fear.

Show me love that runs dry,

As a summer’s gutter bend.

Tell me you care,

But only until your bidding’s end.

I have shut my ears to your unending fabrications.

My heart thrums as I dance in the pouring rain.

Deep does my soul run through fathomless depths forever out of your reach.

I tuck my heart into its surest box and I now alone hold the key.

Make no mistake, I own who I am now,

And I will never again be in your reach.

-M.E. InkOwl

This September The InkOwl is teaming up with a guest poet The Wasp to bring you a mix of Blood and Anxiety. These poems were inspired by life events, personal experiences, and a desire to share differing perspectives on relationships. If you’re interested in participating in future corroborations with The InkOwl please feel free to message this blog from the contact page.



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