Sinister Countdown- Why Remember

I wish I could remember,

The feeling of rain upon my skin and brow.

Or a cool breeze wrapping around my body,

As gooseflesh ran up and now my arms.

Yes I wish I were still living,

Looking down upon this crumbling stone.

Perhaps I’d walk away and find my family,

Tucking in to their evening meal.

And then I’d lay down and rest a while,

Feeling a belly full and warm.

But no I’m here,

Trapped behind this iron clad fence.

Watching the world spin on by,

I try to sleep but am ever wakeful.

Pulled away by an unsettling cloud,

I must remember but always do forget,

That something dreadful brought me here.

I once was warm and made more noise,

Rather than my frail bemoaning call.

Something brands me with unease,

But I cannot remember.

I am a shadow upon this lintel,

Numbered with my birth and death just so.

I wish I could remember though,

What made me so.

-M.E. InkOwl

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