Sinister Countdown- Song to a Killer

Watcher in the dark with lidless eye,

Seeks to find you out and expose the lies.

Catch your breath among empty halls,

You find nothing but rats crawling through walls.

Run and hide round places unknown,

We will follow everywhere you roam.

Hunting seeking smelling tasting,

There is no where you will go where we won’t find you wasting.

Watcher in the dark will our lidless eye,

Catch you we will to expose these blood spattered lies.

We were there while you held the knife,

Stifle screams in the middle of each night.

Mad man sing to your journey’s end,

Who’s hope you take and will you rend.

We’ll be waiting for you in the night,

Hanging between a noose so tight.

Ring a bell sound a klaxon illuminate the truth,

For you’ve butchered a woman back in Duluth.

Pete from San Marcos and Betty from Northwick,

Listen how the truth so formally clicks.

Judith, Mae, and Bartholomew,

We are all watching and waiting for you.

Long in the dark have you hidden in plain sight,

Choking the innocent with a fight.

Round this last bend you’ve felt the noose,

Good bye on this road you loose caboose.

Let your last dying glance be our bloody lot,

What’s left of your soul will rot with the choices you caught.

-M.E. InkOwl

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