Blood And Anxiety- Bette

img_1540I see her in the lining of my skin

Face framed by hints of silver

Laugh lines crinkled by each eye

Lips curved in smile

Formed with just enough mischief

It’s her beauty that I sense

Perhaps wisdom

But none the less

I see her starring back from the glass

Let me embrace her whole heartily

Changing nothing

I need her now more than ever

I celebrate her

I thank her for sharing

That small part

DNA unaltered

Mischief and all

-The Wasp

This September The InkOwl is teaming up with a guest poet The Wasp to bring you a mix of Blood and Anxiety. These poems were inspired by life events, personal experiences, and a desire to share differing perspectives on relationships. If you’re interested in participating in future corroborations with The InkOwl please feel free to message this blog from the contact page.

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