Guest Submission: Twilight Visions

A one-armed Odin-eyed

Mad martyr prophet

Stands at the edge of the abyss,

Visions of the White Wyrm

Strangling creation; swallowing time.


Twilight stars fall,

Diamonds plunged in velvet night,

Grandsons kill grandfathers

Before fathers are conceived,

Chaos and Paradox burn

The charred corpse of causality.

Yesterday, today; tomorrow

Collapse on themselves

Folding into singularity:

The final moment.


Wolves loose their chains,

Feasting on Sun, Moon and Sky.

Darkness & silence fall.

The Question left unanswered.

-John W. Leys

Author bio:

1. Where you are from.

◦I currently live in Redmond, Oregon.

2. You favorite: piece of writing writing/book/literature.

◦Tough question. The first thing that sprang to mind is Howl by Allen Ginsberg, but that’s just in this moment. Ask me later today I’ll probably answer differently.

3. In no more than two sentences, why you love to write.

◦I love to write because it gets the thoughts and demons out of my already cluttered mind and traps them on paper.

You can follow John and his poetry on his blog Darkness of His Dreams, you will not be disappointed.


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